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AFTER HOURS PHONE: (813) 833-4746

Email: honorguard-2@us.af.mil


Monday - Friday • 8am - 4pm


The 6th Force Support Squadron manages the MacDill AFB Honor Guard program for the 6th Air Refueling Wing Commander. These handpicked professionals render military funeral honors for active duty, retiree, and veteran members who have served honorably in the United States Air Force, Army Air Force, Army Air Corps, and Women’s Air Forces. Additionally, the honor guard provides support to military ceremonies honoring distinguished guests, change of commands, retreats, retirements, parades, and other appropriate community events attended by the general public. The mission of the MacDill AFB Honor Guard is to represent every Airman by providing top-notch, professional military support to the base, Tampa Community and surrounding areas with honor and dignity.


The Honor Guard is responsible for the largest Area of Responsibility in Florida, covering 19 counties, approximately 17,504 square miles, starting at Lake George in the north and running south to Key West. The Honor Guard supports joint partners Army, Navy, Marines and Coast Guard.



Funeral Honors Request Form 

(NOTE: Download, complete and save the form above, then fax to (813) 828-8507 or email to honorguard-2@us.af.mil)

If military funeral honors are NOT being requested for honorably discharged United States Air Force, Army Air Corps, Army Air Force members or Women's Air Forces, please call the appropriate Service:

Army: P: (800) 557-7408 • F: (912) 767-6289
Navy: P: (904) 542-9807 • F: (904) 542-3851
Marine: P: (866) 826-3628 • F: (703) 432-9248
CG: P: (786) 367-6822 • F: (305) 535-4397

Colors Request Form

(NOTE: The MacDill Air Force Base Honor Guard must support all Congressionally-mandated Air Force Military Funeral Honors. COLORS requests are considered a secondary function of the Honor Guard. This includes, but is not limited to, community and official requests for colors presentations, flag folds, memorial services, and/or parades. There is a possibility that manning will not allow for MacDill Air Force Base honor guard to support your request and you may receive a cancellation notice as little as 12 hours prior to the event. Please send emails to
honorguard-2@us.af.mil for such requests.

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