Enrollment in EFMP is mandatory for active duty military service members whose family members meet medical and/or educational identification criteria. EFMP Medical assists families in: understanding enrollment criteria, completing enrollment forms and annual updates, processing the travel screening process (during PCS) and providing information on local medical resources.


Ms. Janet Horton-Vines

Located in MacDill Clinic 2nd floor

Office Hours Effective June 13, 2022:



8AM - 11AM



1PM - 3:30PM

PHONE: (813) 827-9909

Call, leave a message or email in advance to make an appointment. Call with your questions about PCSing, Out-processing, EFMP Enrollment and MyVector.

DSN: 651-9909

Email: janet.g.horton-vines.ctr@mail.mil

Org Box: usaf.macdill.6-mdg.efmpm@mail.mil



The EFMP Medical office can assist you and will connect you with your service’s designated medical office to complete enrollment, dis-enrollment, and PCS functions. Some of the resources below will be applicable to all and some will be Air Force/Space Force specific, so please reach out to the SNC for guidance. Here are your service’s contacts:

Army: (912) 435-6505/5911/6970

Coast Guard: (305) 695-2397/2398

Marines: quanticoefmpoffice@usmc.mil

Navy: (904) 270-6600 x 1713 • gregory.tanner.ctr@navy.mil

An Exceptional Family Member is a family member enrolled is the Defense Enrollment Eligibility Reporting System (DEERS) who has a diagnosed physical, intellectual, or emotional-psychological condition that requires ongoing specialized medical or educational services. Find enrollment criteria (official guidance) HERE.

Forms required:

DD Form 2792 "Family Member Medical Summary"

DD Form 2792-1 "Special Education/Early Intervention Summary"

Need help completing the forms? Review the following:

DD form 2792 Explained

DD2792-1 Explained

If you still have questions, contact your SNC. Once enrollment is complete, a "Q-Code" letter is sent to EFMP assignments (MPF). Families may also need an EFMP verification letter to receive additional supports and EFMP Medical can provide them.

Enrollment in EFMP remains in effect until the medical or special education needs no longer meet criteria, until the service member is separated from active duty, or until the family member is no longer a military dependent. Dis-enrollment, or removal of the Q-code, is accomplished by presenting the SNC at the MTF with documentation that all of these provisions have been met and no other family member meets EFMP criteria.  To do so you will have to resubmit updated Forms DD 2792 & DD 2792-1.

Service members enrolled in EFMP are responsible for keeping their medical and/or special education documentation current. A review/update is required as the EFM’s condition changes or within six months of family travel or a PCS move. Contact the EFMP-Medical office to do so.