Selina Dellafosse


Monday - Friday • 1pm - 4pm • By Appointment Only


In August 2016, Air Force Chief of Staff (CSAF) General David Goldfein, released his letter to Airmen titled, "The Beating Heart of the Air Force...Squadrons!" UNITE is here to provide squadron leaders with the maximum flexibility to deliver programs that build cohesion for all airmen "Big A" within their unit. This includes assigned Air Force Active Duty and APF/NAF Civilians. Family members are welcome to participate, but they must pay any associated fees. 

Host Your Unite Event in

  1. Establish Your Person(s) of Contact: Squadron commanders will appoint squadron UNITE POC(s) to the FSS UNITE C3. IT will list their duties. Download the Letter of Appointment
  2. Event Proposal: Meet with your installation C3, complete and return your Event Proposal Form to Selina Dellafosse (call the number above for email info). AFSVA event approval may take up to 30 days. Download the Events Proposal Form.
  3. Collect Participant Names: Participant names are required to track funding and attendance. Names will also be used to evaluate the program’s success through a 90-second survey that will be emailed to participants after the event. Download the Event Signup Sheet.
  5. Submit after action report: Your installation C3 lead typically won’t attend your Unite events, so we are relying on you to provide detailed after-action information to improve the program within 7 days and with at least 5 photos of the event. DO NOT embed in AAR. Future funding will be withheld until After Actions have been turned in. Download the after action report.
  1. Ready to Execute (RTE):
    RTE programs are pre-approved and easy to implement. They keep funds on the installation and should be considered first.
  2. Unit Developed Program (UDP):
    You have the freedom to design an event unique to your squadron on or off of the installation. Unit driven events require your Commander's signature and approval from the AF Services Activity which may take up to 30 days. (TAX EXEMPTION APPLIES)
  3. Free/Volunteer Events:
    Charitable work provides a cost effective team-building activity that allows co-workers to see each other in a new light and can make a real difference in your community. Free events do not need prior approval, but we still need to capture the event information.