MacDill AFB offers 3 CDC locations, youth center, school age care and family child care open to all branches of service on MacDill. 

Sponsored by the Air Force Aid Society, the AFAS PCS Program is designed to help relieve some of the stress felt by families in the process of a PCS move. AFAS PCS provides 20 hours of child care per child when departing or arriving at MacDill AFB. Air Force Families may use the child care 60 days before the family’s departure and 60 days upon arriving. Child care is based on availability of certified or affiliated FCC Providers.

Eligibility Requirements:

  • Member of the Air Force and Space Force
  • Active Duty
  • Active Duty Member Retiring
  • Children/Youth 6 weeks to 12 years old

How to Request Care:

  • Obtain Completed Child Care for PCS Certificate from the Military & Family Readiness Center by providing a copy of PCS Orders
  • Complete enrollment paperwork with the Community Child Care Coordinator

Forms Needed:

  • AF Form 1181
  • Provider Agreement
  • Parent Questionnaire
  • Travel Permission Form
  • Photo Consent Form


  • There is no cost to the member.

More information can be obtained by contacting our MFRC at (813) 828-0145 or our Community Child Care Coordinator at (813) 828-7760.

The FCC 24/7 Child Care Program is designed to assist families when their work schedules are outside normal operating hours of our CDC/SAC programs where families are already purchasing full-time care. This program is specifically designed to support shift workers and any personnel who are required to work overnights, holidays, and weekends (e.g. Security Forces, command Post, Fire Department, Medical, Force Support, Intelligence Surveillance and Reconnaissance and Distributed Common Ground System).

Eligibility Requirements:

  • Member of the Military Service Active Duty or Reserve/Guard Member in an Active Duty status or DoD civilians
  • Assigned to, living or working on MacDill AFB
  • Must be scheduled to work – work must directly impact the mission
  • No other adult in the household available to provide care
  • Must be purchasing full-time care or during the school year Before and After School care
  • Children/Youth 6 weeks to 12 years old

How to Request Care:

  • Complete and submit DAF FCC ECC Request form, sponsor’s supervisor signature not required, to Community Child Care Coordinator (form will be provided via link)
  • Complete enrollment paperwork with the Community Child Care Coordinator (AF Form 1181, FCC ECC Agreement form, Parent Questionnaire, Travel Permission form, and Photo Consent form)


  • There is no cost to the member as long as their weekly child care fee has been paid.

More information can be obtained by contacting our Community Child Care Coordinator at (813) 828-7760.

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Moving from base to base is often very stressful. Families with children from Pre-K to High School can moderate these concerns and help their kids transition effectively and successfully to a new school.

The MacDill Education and Training Center is located inside the MacDill Base Library. 

The education center offers WAPS & Military testing, Skillbridge, Commissioning, info for transitioning service members and more! 

Please visit the Education & Training Center page for more details.

Higher Education is a key to advancement and future success.
Dependents can work toward their dreams of a college degree with education grants, scholarships and loans.

Air Force Aid Society (AFAS)

Army Emergency Relief (AER)

Navy Marine Corp Relief Society (NMCRS)

The MacDill Base Library offers access to over 70 digital resources through the digital online library once you've established a library account with us.

MacDill Library has over 30,000 tangible resources for patrons to checkout.

Free Wi-Fi, computer lab, reference assistance and programming activities.

Other services include computer printing, printing copies, & faxing documents for a small fee.

Visit the Library Page for more info.

The M&FRC Supports military, civilians, and family members in achieving short and long-term employment, by referring for education/training, and obtaining career goals


The School Liaison, Ms. Venetia Waters, is available to help assist with all your questions with schools in Hillsborough, Pinellas Counties and the surrounding area. 




The 6th Medical Group is located at MacDill Air Force Base in Tampa, FL, and provides medical care and health and wellness services to a population of more than 215,000 Department of Defense beneficiaries throughout the Tampa Bay area.

Main MacDill Base Clinic and Sabal Park Clinic (Brandon, FL):

The 6th Medical Group at MacDill Air Force Base is an outpatient medical facility, which provides medical care and health and wellness services to a population of more than 265,000 Department of Defense beneficiaries throughout the greater Tampa Bay area.

For a guide on PCSing and Moving with TRICARE please:

*For immediate triage or in case of emergency, dial 911 or go to the nearest emergency room

Aid societies may be able to provide financial assistance for medical expenses.  To learn more visit:

Air Force Aid Society (AFAS)

Army Emergency Relief (AER)

Navy Marine Corp Relief Society (NMCRS)

Military & Family Readiness Center (M&FRC) Exceptional Family Member Program – Family Support - (EFMP-FS) collaborates with EFMP-Medical (EFMP-M) and coordinates on/off-base family support services based on each families’ needs assessments Additional ancillary services provided include:

    • Special Education (Ages 4-21)
    • Educational & Developmental Intervention Services (EDIS) (Ages 0-3)
    • Special Education Legal Services
    • Health Care Benefits Liaison
    • Respite Care Liaison


Military & Family Life Consultant (MFLC)MFLC provide short term, situational, problem solving counseling services to service members and their families. M&FLC services augment existing military support services. All consultants are Masters or PhD level, licensed Clinical Counselors

To speak with a MFLC please call (813) 816-3061 or (813) 210-7822 or email



At MacDill, military family housing is privatized with Harbor Bay and is responsible for maintaining, repairing, constructing and managing the community. 

Applying for Privatized Housing
Contact the MHO as soon as you know you are moving to MacDill. The government housing team will provide you the latest information about privatized housing and details about the application process. The MHO will also update you on any base specific policies regarding residing in privatized housing.

Community Amenities
Privatized housing on MacDill is comparable to housing in the local community and provides a wide variety of amenities and support services, such as:

- Welcome Center
­- 24-hour fitness center
­-­ Swimming pool
­­- Running trails
­­- Playgrounds
­­- Golf
­­- Bowling

As a resident of privatized housing, contact the Property Management Office to obtain more specific information on the services available at your location.

Paying Rent for Privatized Housing
Similar to living in the local community, you will sign a tenant lease agreement, typically for a one-year term. Your lease includes a military clause and a lease termination clause. You pay your monthly rent by authorizing an allotment of your BAH that is paid directly to the Property Manager. If your move occurs prior to the allotment start date, then you will need to pay the pro-rated rent directly to the Property Manager. The Tenant Lease Agreement spells out all relevant rent payment terms and conditions.

Gas and Electric Utilities
At this location, homes have an electric meter and are currently under live utility billing. Units are grouped together based on their size and construction and a seasonally adjusted electrical utility allowance is established. A few units have gas appliances and the cost is paid by the Property Management Office. For more information about your utilities contact the Property Management Office.

Personal Property Insurance
You need to obtain legal liability and personal property insurance for your possessions and should choose the options and amounts that best fit your needs and lifestyle.

Before purchasing your insurance, please consult the Property Management Office for more information about coverage.

School Information
Hillsborough County School District supports MacDill Air Force Base

Grade K - 5
Tinker Elementary School
8207 Tinker Street
MacDill AFB, FL 33621
(813) 840-2043

­Grade 6 - 8
Monroe Middle School
4716 Montgomery Avenue
Tampa, FL 33166
Approx. 8 miles from MacDill AFB
(813) 272-3020

­Grade 9 - 12
Robinson High School
6311 South Lois Avenue
Tampa FL 33616
Approx. 2 miles from MacDill AFB
(813) 272-3006 is a service designed to connect Service members and their Families with community housing rental listings located near U.S. military bases. Type in your current or future installation above to begin searching for homes or create an account to take advantage of account features or to list your own rental property. is a publicly accessible Department of Defense (DoD) website.

Offers personal financial readiness classes including workshops and financial counseling.


Welcome to MacDill AFB dormitories! Our Airman Dorm Leaders (ADLs) manage and maintain world-class facilities for Air Force, Army, Marine and Navy junior unaccompanied personnel.

Unaccompanied Housing (UH) is provided for all unaccompanied military in the ranks of E-1 to E-3 and E-4 with less than 3 years of service. Each resident is provided a private sleeping room, furnishings, bed linens and supplies required for comfortable living. (Room arrangements may vary depending on building type)

Unaccompanied residents in the rank of E-4 with greater than 3 years of service and above are not required to live in the dorms and will live off base in the local community. See Housing in the Local Community section for information and assistance on securing housing.

All dorms on MacDill are three-story balcony accessed facilities. Common areas include television rooms, laundry, gaming rooms, a library and even a Cyber Café with free Wi-Fi.

Since 2008, MacDill has constructed two dorms in the style of "DORMS-4-AIRMEN" or Quads. Each quad contains a private bedroom, walk-in closet and bathroom, dining area, living room, kitchen, and laundry closet.

- Themed dayrooms throughout campus
- Movie theater room with wide screen TV, Bose surround sound, blu-ray player and stadium leather seating
- Library/study dayroom with donated books available for checkout
- Wingman's café where residents may cook their own meals
- Two flat panel TVs in the kitchen or the dining area
- Restaurant style booths
- Bar stools and tables for small or large gatherings
- Cyber café with oversized couches, chairs and flat panel TVs
- Four laptops connected to a commercial internet service
- Wi-Fi available for personal wireless devices

- No overnight guests, pets, minors or unauthorized personnel (co-habitation is prohibited)
- Residents may not remove furnishings from UH facilities
-­ Tobacco use is not authorized in the dorms or within 25 feet­
- No open flames ­
- No underage drinking/drug use
- No fireworks and firearms allowed in dorms, but weapons may be turned into the Security Forces armory for storage
-­ Quiet hours are 24/7
- Suites and Quads are assigned by gender. Males and females may be in the same facility, but there are no mixed-gender suite/quad assignments.

Base Specific Policy
During your orientation, the Airman Dorm Leader (ADL) or UH Management Office representative will inform you of all Air Force and base-specific policies. Please contact your ADL within the first 2 duty days after your arrival to schedule your in-processing appointment.

UH Management Office Staff
The UH Management Office is staffed with professionals that can assist with all of your housing needs. Staffs vary but can be comprised of non-commissioned officers (NCO), Senior NCOs and some bases have civilian employees. The assigned military are Airman Dormitory Leaders. These members are highly motivated personnel dedicated to ensuring that residents receive quality service. ADLs will provide you guidance and advice on UH life as well as mentor you on succeeding in the Air Force.

Assignment Procedures
As soon as you are notified of your assignment contact your gaining unit and request to be assigned a sponsor. Your sponsor will be another military member assigned to your unit and will assist with your move. The sponsor or gaining unit must then contact the UH Management Office to notify them of your impending arrival date and work to secure you a dormitory room.

Planning Your Move
Prior to travel, arrange to meet your sponsor or someone from your unit upon arrival at the gaining installation. If possible, send a copy of your PCS orders to your sponsor to provide to your ADL. This will make it easier for your sponsor to acquire a room for you and for the ADL to reserve you a room and load you in their system as an in-bound resident.

If you arrive on a business day during normal duty hours, have your sponsor escort you to the UH Management Office. Your ADL will schedule an in-processing briefing appointment where they will take you through the process of checking your room, performing a move-in inspection and inventory of the allotted furnishings and supplies. If you arrive on the weekend or after normal duty hours, have your sponsor make arrangements to pick up your room key and linens from your ADL until you can meet with them at a later date.

Resident Responsibilities
You will be expected to keep your room and any shared living space clean and tidy. Cleaning supplies and equipment can be provided to you at your request. You will also be accountable for your room and the furnishings provided. Residents may be held liable for any damages beyond normal fair wear and tear. See your ADL or UH Management Office representative if you have any questions about your resident responsibilities.

Inspection Program
The Installation Commander establishes a base-wide UH inspection program focused on health and safety. Squadron Commanders and unit First Sergeants implement the inspection program and visit rooms to ensure that all residents from their squadron comply with installation standards.

Bay Orderly Program
UH residents are expected to assist in the cleaning and upkeep of common areas and shared facilities of their "home." You will periodically be detailed to perform essential cleaning and minor maintenance around the UH campus.

Dormitory Councils
The Dormitory Council is the forum by which residents of an individual dormitory or group of dormitories address concerns about their living environment with a panel of their peers. The purpose of the council is to establish standards for all residents, present solutions for problem areas, establish positive recreational activities and identify facility and furnishing improvements. Participation at your location is a chance to be involved in shaping your living environment and provides an opportunity for personal growth and development in the areas of leadership and personal relationships. Ask your ADL or UH Management Office representative about how you can get involved.

It is mandatory for unaccompanied residents in the ranks of E-1 to E-3 and E-4 with less than 3 years of service to reside in UH. An E-4 residing in UH reaching 3 years of service may be authorized to move out of UH and into local community housing. Contact your ADL for procedures you must follow to clear your room. In certain circumstances, such as to make space available for more junior military members, you may be authorized to move out of UH before reaching E-4 with greater than 3 years of service. The most senior residents are released first. Your ADL or UH Management Office representative will advise residents when early release is necessary.

Space Available Rooms
When there is an excess of dormitory rooms, personnel in the ranks of E-4 with greater than 3 years of service and above may be eligible to reside in UH on a space available basis. Personnel must send requests to their First Sergeant who will submit it for review and approval with the 6th Mission Support Group Commander through his/her Superintendent.



Military spouses’ careers are impacted by their service members’ military service. There are tons of events and programs open to military and veteran spouses as well as military caregivers.

All NAF positions on MacDill have a starting salary of $15/hr or above. 


Provides services to include:

  • Classes and individual consultation on career planning and personal development
  • Resume writing
  • Interviewing skills
  • Job search process/strategies
  • Career Readiness
  • Employment opportunities
  • Scholarship opportunities


Provides entry-level job training to active duty Air Force or Space Force spouses with a goal to help them secure immediate, viable employment. Community Readiness Consultants at the M&FRC work with local community colleges to tailor training that matches requirements of local employers interested in hiring military spouses. AFAS pays for tuition, instructor fees, and course materials for military spouse participants.


Encourages volunteerism in our community. Every Volunteer hour equals one hour of paid work experience. The Office of Personnel Management (OPM) credits applicants’ volunteer experience when matching and qualifying skills criteria for Appropriated Fund (APF) and Non-appropriated Fund (NAF) positions.