The Diner's Reef Dining Facility (DFAC) is open to all patrons and their guests with access to MacDill Air Force Base.



Weekdays: 6am - 9am
Sat/Sun/Hol/Wing Training Days: 6:30am - 8:30am


Weekdays/Sat/Sun/Hol/Wing Training Days:
11am - 1:30pm


Weekdays/Sat/Sun/Hol/Wing Training Days:
4:30pm - 6:30pm

Quick Eats:

6am - 6:30pm

Diner's Reef Menu

The Diner's Reef supports the 6th Air Mobility Wing, 33 mission and 52 coalition partners to include USCENTCOM, USSOCOM, 927 ARW & JCSE and serves approximately 262,000 meals annually!

Our dining room seats 350 with 10 flat screen TVs for your viewing pleasure. The facility is open to active duty, retirees and civilians.


DoDI 1338.10, Department of the Defense Food Service Program (DFSP) states, Enlisted Service members are entitled to a ration for each day on active duty, except when they are entitled to a basic allowance for subsistence (BAS) on per diem. 

What do you get? Destination Dining

ESM card holders are authorized 3 meals* per day at...

  • Diner’s Reef Dining Facility (DFAC)
  • 8 Iron Grill (Golf Course)
  • Boomers Bar & Grill (Breakaways Event Center) Currently Closed Due to current HPCON
  • Hangar 6 Grill (Bowling Center)
  • Rickenbacker’s Cafe (Lobby of MacDill Inn)
  • SeaScapes Restaurant (Base Beach) Currently Closed Due to current HPCON
  • Coming Soon... FitStop Smoothies & More (Fitness Center)

*a meal is considered a reasonable amount of food that can typically be consumed in one sitting (sit down or grab and go)


  • Meals/Snack items to "stock" an individuals' dorm room or work center
  • Providing meals and snacks to others
  • Receiving more than one (1) entree serving (i.e., 1 steak, 1 sandwich or 1 pasta dish) per transaction through cashier
    • ESM members are authorized seconds as additional points of sale (POS) transactions for dine-in only
  • The use of carryout meals as second meal in the same meal period
  • Receiving more than two (2) beverages and two (2) snack items (chips, cookies, and convenience items) per meal period
  • Card holders cannot use their ESM privileges at any AAFES locations
  • Card holders cannot use their ESM privileges to purchase alcoholic beverages, energy drinks (Red Bull, Monster, etc.), or dietary supplements (muscle milk, protein shakes, etc.)


Hours of Operation: 24 Hours

Customers may pick from one meal and one supplement to complete their meal order.

Price: $6.00

ESM customers: $4.30

TDY Personnel E-5 & above: $5.65


  1. Ham & Turkey Sub (Cheese/Lettuce/Onion/Tomato)
  2. Buffalo Chicken Wrap
  3. Turkey & Cheese Sub
  4. Breaded Chicken Burger
  5. Turkey & Bacon Croissant
  6. "Uncrustables" PB&J Sandwich (2)
  7. Breaded Chicken Strips
  8. Ham & Cheese Sub
  9. Chef Salad
  10. Chipotle Chicken Sandwich


  1. 20oz Coke/Nutri-grain Bar/Potato Chips/Granny Smith Apple
  2. Fruit Punch Gatorade/Veggie Cup/ Nutri-grain Bar/Granny Smith Apple
  3. Water/Hummus w/pretzels/Granola Bar/Granny Smith Apple
  4. Orange Juice/Hard Boiled Eggs/Nutri-grain bar/Granny Smith Apple

**Diet Coke and Fat-Free Salad Dressings available on request**
Please plan accordingly when placing orders. Allow food service personnel 2 hours of preparation time. 24-hour advance notice is required for groups of 30 or more personnel. Call 828-4998/2412 to order ahead.

  • Address:

    8118 Hillsborough Loop Dr., Bldg #263

    MacDill AFB, FL 33621

  • ESM Welcome!