EFMP Family Support (FS) is provided by two coordinators located at the Military & Family Readiness Center (M&FRC). They provide services to all DoD ID cardholders assigned to the installation or located in the community, who have dependents with special needs. Their mission is to enhance the quality of life of EFMP families through non-medical case management, community/base information and referrals, education, networking events and other services. Their services are appropriate for people of ALL ages and all levels of need.


EFMP FS Coordinators will assist you in all areas of need! At times, we may need to refer you to your service’s EFMP Family Support Coordinator.


Located in the MacDill Military & Family Readiness Center (M&FRC)

1805 Condor St • Bldg 18

Tampa, FL 33621

PHONE: (813) 828-0122 or 0136

DSN: 968-0122

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Through a Family Needs Assessment (FNA), EFMP FS Coordinators can provide targeted information and make appropriate referrals to base and community resources. We can help families to (not all inclusive):

  • Learn about and access local resources, services and programs
  • Determine which community resources meet their individual family needs
  • Connect with support services and provide warm-handovers

Military One Source provides additional EFMP Resources through EFMP & Me. Use this tool to navigate through the Department of Defense's network of services and support for families with special needs.

EFMP FS Coordinators provide non-medical case management through Individual Service Plans. This can be especially helpful when you’re new to EFMP, there’s a new diagnosis, a PCS, a new school, or any other life change. They can help you figure out what the “next step” is and that may look like this (not all inclusive):

  • Financial counseling referrals and/or Special Needs Grants information
  • Special education assistance, referrals, resources, and trainings
  • Finding support groups, scholarships, and/or local agencies for specific disabilities
  • Information on transitions out of the military or teens into adults
  • Support for EFMP families experiencing a deployment

Learn more about the Family Needs Assessments (FNA) and Service Plans (SPs) here: DD 3054 Explained. Appointments are in person or virtual.

If you need MEDICAL Case Management, see the information here: Medical Case Management and discuss with your PCM.

If you’re a deployed family, reach out to us! Find additional support information here: Deployed Family Support

EFMP FS Coordinators host trainings and connection focused programming for all age groups.

Sample “Connect” Events: Aquarium/Zoo visits, “Lost Pearl” pirate cruises, therapeutic horse camps, animal adventures at Busch Gardens, family dances with DJ & resource fairs, paint nights, movie days, Straz theater shows and more!

Sample Trainings: Special Education Explained, EFMP Orientation, Military OneSource Special Needs Consultations, What is Case Management, Tricare and Tricare ECHO, Respite Care and more!

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