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"Running a business without advertising is like winking at someone in the dark... you know what you're doing but no one ELSE does."
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Marketing Department


  • Providing marketing plans & publicity to increase public awareness of programs and activities, to generate revenue of Non-Appropriated service facilities and programs.
  • Generating surveys/questionnaires and providing analysis for managers
  • Designing and administering advertising campaigns for new or existing programs
  • Acting as squadron public relations representatives for base-level events
  • Administering Air Force Services Agency customer programs and contests

Oversees Squadron Customer Service Program

  • Tracks & evaluates ICE website responses
  • Communicates customer responses and comments to program managers

Point of Contact for Squadron Special Event Programs

  • Coordinates commercial sponsorship program for FSS special projects and events
  • Focal point for AirFest Hospitality and Commercial Sponsorship


Marketing Staff

  • Wendy Foster
    Marketing Director
  • Albert Lopez
    Commercial Sponsorship
  • Kellie Cowan
    Digital Comms Specialist
  • Amy Casey
    Publicity Specialist
  • Geeta Todd
    Marketing Assistant

Facility Information

8011 Tampa Point Blvd., Bldg. 373, Rm 120-126
MacDill AFB, FL  33621

813-828-3055 / DSN 968-3055
813-828-2587 / DSN 968-2587
Facility Director:
Ms Wendy Foster

Hours of Operation:
  • Mon-Fri:
    7:30 am-4:30 pm
  • Holidays: Closed

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