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Vehicle Resale Lot now located at BX parking lot

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Vehicle Resale Lot

Resale Lot Location:

The Vehicle Resale Lot is located in the BX Parking Lot, across the street from the Pharmacy & Burger King


Need to sell your Car,

Truck, Motorcycle, RV,

Boat or Vehicle Accessory?


For $30.00* (good for 30 days) you can register your vehicle (see below registration form and instructions),
for the Vehicle Resale Lot.

Take a photo of your vehicle and email it to the Arts & Crafts Center, and we'll place it on our Virtual Lot as a bonus!
Call 828-4413 for more information.

If you would like to place a photo of your vehicle on the Virtual Resale Lot only, the fee will be $10 per month, which may be renewed indefinitely.

*The fee for the Resale Lot is $30,
with or without the use of the Virtual Resale Lot




1. Download the Registration form (found at bottom of page) and fill in all applicable information.

2. Email completed registration form, along with a photo of your vehicle to

3. Stop by the Arts and Crafts Center Monday-Friday, from 0900-1700, with your registration and proof of insurance.

4. We'll print your form for you to sign, check your registration and insurance, and process your payment.


• All forms are filled out electronically. You may download the form, fill it out electronically, and email it to us at above email address, or you may stop by the Arts and Crafts Center and fill out the form in person.

• You must show your CURRENT registration and proof of insurance to park your vehicle on the lot, and your name must be on the registration, or you must have a power of attorney, to register the vehicle for sale.

• Your vehicle may remain on the lot for 2 consecutive periods of 30 days, at which point it would need to be removed for a minimum of 30 days before it can be re-registered.

• Your vehicle may be posted on the virtual lot only for $10.00 per 30 day period. This can be renewed indefinitely.

• The information you provide in your registration form is what will be used to post your vehicle on line. You may be as detailed as you prefer. (Note: Only personal phone numbers and personal emails can be posted online; no work numbers/emails.)

• You must include the license plate number on your form.


For more information, or if you have any questions, please call us at 828-4413 or 828-4553.

Facility Information

BX Parking Lot, across street from Pharmacy
MacDill AFB, FL 

813-828-4553 / DSN 968-4553

Hours of Operation:
Available for viewing, 24/7


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