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Wood Hobby Shop

What we provide... WoodShopSawandGlasses.gif

The Wood Shop provides a pleasant, professional environment complete with industrial equipment and hand tools needed to complete even the most complex woodworking projects. Our highly-skilled craftsmen will gladly provide any technical assistance you may need, such as training on the machinery, selecting proper lumber, or choosing just the right stain. If you’d like to learn more about woodworking, just look to our staff for valuable beginner’s guidance. We also will custom-build a multitude of other products to suit your needs. Some of our most popular custom products include shadow boxes, coin holders, book shelves, and display boards. Bring in your idea, and we’ll make it a reality!

Separating or Retiring Soon?

or Need a Gift for Someone that is?

The Arts & Crafts Center is your first stop to recognizing your service in style!

Shadow Boxes

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Facility Information

8223 Hangar Loop Dr, Bldg 300
MacDill AFB, FL  33621

813-828-2093 / DSN 968-2093
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Hours of Operation:
Please call Wood Shop for hours of op

NOTE: The Arts & Crafts Center is closed for inventory the last day of each month. If last day of month falls on a weekend, the center will be closed the Friday before.

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